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Presently, UNIGIS@Madras University (INDIA) admits students to the course only twice a year. However, inquiries are welcome any time and information is provided throughout the year.

The admission schedule for Online Distance Learning programmes is following:

  • Study programmes:
    • 2-year MSc and 1-year Professional Diploma
  • Starting Date of the courses:
    • 3rd February, 2014
  • Requests for obtaining Admission Documents: 
    • from 18th November, 2013
  • Last date for submitting the Admission Documents: 
    • 6th January, 2014
  • Confirmation about the status of Admission: 
    • within 1 week after receiving the Admission Documents
  • Last date for depositing the course fees: 
    • the date mentioned in the Fee Submission Letter
  • Orientation workshop:
    • Tentatively 1st and 2nd February, 2013

Send e-mail to for more information.